My Corona Virus Diaries: London Lockdown Day 13

I am wearing a silk robe (I feel sexy)

and a wool cardigan on top (I am cold)

Speaking of sexy, I didn’t mention in any of my previous entries that I am still shaving my legs and wash my hair every day and I take care of my nails once a week. I’ve always done that, either I was single or not, it didn’t matter, and I am still doing it. I’ve always done it for myself, I simply like smooth skin and clean nails. Up until the pandemic I also used to paint my toenails, religiously, every two weeks. It’s a habit I have since I was a teenager. No matter the season or my relationship status, I would paint my toenails every two weeks. And now I have decided to give my nails a break from nail varnish, to breath and get back to their natural translucent pink colour. (Constant painting for decades turned them into a sort of death like yellow). Let’s see if I make it, I don’t like not having pretty toes at all.


Last night I fell asleep at 11.30 pm, watching The Stranger. Zero anxiety before bed. Amazing how once I came to terms with falling asleep at midnight my brain relaxed and it fucking let me be.

Woke up at 7.30 am

Had coffee in my beautiful, sunny sitting room (I still love mornings the most)

Did the usual: reading and FaceTiming

Did ten minutes of Yoga stretching (all this sitting is making my body hurt)

Baked a banana bread

Washed my bedsheets and took them to the garden to dry in the sun

Did fifteen garden laps (and stepped in cat poo)

Showered for a long time

Listened and sang to Shakira’s La Bicicleta on repeat in the shower (it’s my happy song, whenever I feel like listening to it, it means I am doing great)

Sat in the garden for five hours: watching The Stranger, reading, learning Spanish, FaceTiming, gardening, practising social distancing from the visiting squirrel (see photo)

Ordered: garden sheers, a rake and a kitchen scale because this is my life now: kitchen and garden

Listened to birds chirping

Had my first and last meal at 5 pm

Finished The Stranger (you should watch it, it’s really good)

I am slowly starting to accept that this is my life now. I believe the lockdown will be extended because people are assholes and they don’t stay home. 5903 new confirmed cases today and this is the greatest number of confirmed cases in a single day since this has started. The lockdown will not be lifted until the numbers will start going down. And it doesn’t look like it will happen soon. So I need to learn to live with this, to live like this. I haven’t figured out all the logistics just yet, but I will soon. Now that I am in better emotional space, I can stop cooking and cleaning and focus on the other aspects of my life. And nourish my intellect, it’s been starving.

A friend in Canada posted on Facebook a photo of her daughter out to brunch in China and it filled me with joy and hope. It felt so good to see a place where life stopped for a long time, coming back to life, a little bit every day.

Please, stay at home people. Let’s end this, I REALLY REALLY want to go down to the pub and get pissed with my friends ASAP.




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