My Coronavirus Diaries: London Lockdown Day 26

Today I’ve been feeling incredibly sad.

888 more people died since yesterday, in hospitals only. I feel bad for complaining, I feel bad for carrying on with my life, I feel bad there’s poverty, I feel bad that I am useless. I feel that it’s unfair some people live and some people don’t. And if I hear one more time someone, usually a privileged someone, saying that we are in this together, I am going to scream. We are fucking not in this together.

It’s okay, I will sleep this sadness off and I will be back to my happy self tomorrow.



Made salmon pasta and talked to friends and ate cookies.

Had a very successful hypnosis session. It took me to a place I haven’t visited in a long time and it felt good, even if it was a bad place.

That’s all, folks!



My Romanian friends have been colouring beautiful eggs for the Romanian Easter tomorrow. I did it my way. I will go to hell in every religion, anyway, so what the fuck, at least I am having fun. Have I ever mentioned how grateful I am for my sense of humour? Going through shit with a smile on my face is my speciality, even though I am Eastern European and smiling doesn’t come naturally to us.


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