Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. Make yourself at home, grab a snack and while munching read the latest gossips about me, narrated by yours truly. Nobody is ever talking about me but now, finally, I’ve got this covered.

Let me tell about what this blog’s purpose is. None, to be honest.

I am not gonna tell you how to live because I haven’t figured this one out yet. I am not gonna force zillions of links on you so that I can make a living on your compulsive shopping. I mean, I am going to hell in every religion already and I have ongoing sins as we speak, I am not gonna add new ones, unless I really really have to. Yes, I am sticking to emergency sins and making money out of your clicks is not in this category.

Another important thing, this is not an aspirational lifestyle blog and it will never be. I can’t have a perfect life even if I try. I am a hot mess most of the times. I am living with depression and anxiety, I have lows and sometimes I change drugs which means there are times when taking a shower is the greatest of my achievements in a week. So, by all means, do not look up to me, ever!

As for style, I have no sense of it. Therefore I am always wearing neutral colours and cuts to stay on the safe side. Sometimes I add a splash of read and I feel as chic as Coco Chanel. (Did I spell her name right?) Which means that if I ever show you a piece of clothing I bought and I sound very excited about it, maybe you should refrain from buying it. Yeah, definitely, don’t wear what I wear, if you are aiming to be stylish.

What else? Oh, yes, I am a Romanian immigrant. I moved to London in 2013 and after attempting and failing to be a waitress I got into the nanny business. Best business ever. It pays in cash and cuddles and kisses. Also in tantrums, but I always forget about them and remember only the smiles and the love.

Besides being a nanny, I am also a Romanian Interpreter. I work with social services, NHS and the Ministry of Justice. I am not allowed to share stories from work but I can tell you this much: they range from tragic to funny and from boring to exciting, making my work interesting as hell.

Back in Romania I did  a little bit of everything: from shop assistant in a clothing shop to shop assistant in a hardware shop, then from travel agent to cultural marketing specialist in a museum and from adviser for a secretary of state to help desk in a software company. And then I moved to  Canada for a year, without much of a purpose whatsoever. I guess one can diagnose my anxiety and a slight ADHD just by reading my CV, am I right? Speaking of which, I don’t even remember how many blogs I had before this one. I guess I just like to delete and start over with blogs, just like with anything else in my life. See why I don’t want you to look up to me? 🙂

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